88% of Patients Trust Online Reviews

reviewadmin 19/02/2021 Job Market

Now, more than ever, reviews matter! Surveys show that 62 percent of consumers use online ratings as a critical first step in finding a new physician. And a whopping 88 percent trust online reviews as much or more than personal recommendations. The writing is on the wall: a few poor reviews are enough to negatively impact your business. And this trend is only growing. Soon everyone will be turning to online reviews to determine which provider they will choose!

Why Online Reviews?

Traditionally, consumers have relied on word of mouth to determine which doctor to use. Unfortunately, this method is limited at best, as consumers can only learn about a limited number of experiences with any given physician. Online reviews allow individuals to make informed decisions, and to choose a physician that is notoriously well-liked and respected. Through education, the individual feels empowered to select an excellent physician.

Unfortunately, the Process is Flawed

Online reviews show them the best (and sometimes the worst) experiences that patients have had. We know that patients rarely leave reviews for mediocre visits. Sadly, reviewers are far more likely to write about their negative experiences than positive ones. And a single negative review, especially one with vivid details, can have great impact upon a physician.

More than Ever, Reviews are Critical

In the future, nearly everyone will consult popular review sites before choosing a doctor. Even established patients are sure to search for more information on their providers. Now, more than ever, reviews are critical! Patient reviews, both negative and positive, are an inevitable part of being a physician, but that doesn’t mean you need to roll over and accept unfair complaints. Sites like ReviewMatch can help you understand your patients, and bring in more positive feedback. Visit ReviewMatch today and receive professional, thorough feedback and helpful, informative reviews.