About Us


Reviews play a critical role in today’s world!

Better said, getting fair and objective reviews is what counts for your business. Too often it’s only the voice of an unhappy customer or client that is heard. At ReviewMatch, our goal is to help you get the feedback you need to improve your business whether it be medical, legal, restaurant, or any other business. You can find a reviewer for your business in minutes, and post as many review jobs as you need. Posting a review job is as simple as stating what it is you want reviewed, and what the compensation will be for the review. ReviewMatch makes it that simple to get reviews for your business, helping you to keep your online reputation respectable and up to date.

Reviewers will benefit from reviewing a business through ReviewMatch with free, or discounted services, products, and more. The promotion for the review will vary by job posting, making it easy for reviewers to pick and choose which reviewing jobs they would like to pursue. Review Match makes it easy to leave honest and helpful reviews for fun and valuable rewards. Finally, a new way to help businesses improve with your valuable feedback as a consumer, and receive rewards for your contribution! Review Match wants you to find new and exciting rewards for giving your time and honest opinion – never leave a review without a reward again!

Review Match is a part of the Matador Solutions family.