How It Works

Any customer or client can give you a negative online review, on just about anything. Even though review sites are supposed to filter unfair reviews, they rarely do. Businesses are often slammed online by people who were never even customers or who had minimal interaction with the company. Finally, there’s a way to level the playing field with review sites such as Yelp, Google, OpenTable, etc. Review Match gives you a chance to balance the scales with honest feedback and valuable reviews. Here’s how it works:

  1. A business owner signs up and answers a few questions.
  2. Review Match sets up a convenient and conversion-friendly portal to gather reviews.
  3. The business provides important information regarding their business network.
  4. Review Match utilizes that information to begin work on gaining the business more natural, real reviews on multiple platforms.
  5. The business sees increased reviews, and by proxy increase conversion, and more clients through the door!

Your business can benefit from feedback and new reviews in many ways:

Controlling a quality online reputation

Current reviews on new products and services

Exposure to new customers, patients, or clients

Grow and improve your business based on honest and helpful feedback


Try Review Match today!

* Evaluated upon list volume.

** Dependent on quality of list.