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With Review Match you get important, honest feedback that will help your practice improve, thrive, and maintain a fair and truthful online reputation! Any patient can give you a negative online review, on just about anything. Doctors are often slammed online by people who were never even patients or who had minimal interaction with the practice. Review Match gives you a chance to balance the scales with honest feedback and valuable reviews. The mission is to get a 5-star rating for your practice!  Here are a few sample doctor’s requests for feedback:

Los Angeles, CA: Our dental practice just got an unfair review from a person who wasn’t even a patient.  Our rating on yelp now dropped from 4.5 stars to 4 stars.  We would like feedback on how our receptionist answers the phones and schedules new patients.  The negative review had to do with someone who was put on hold.

Washington, DC: I am a dermatologist with offices in the DC area. A patient complained that she could not figure out our forms, and slammed us online about it.  We are so frustrated.  We went from a 4 star rating to a 3.5  We have changed the online system, and want feedback and ultimately, a review.  Can you help?

Boulder, CO: We are a new plastic surgeon’s office that specializes in skin rejuvenation and body sculpting. We don’t have enough Yelp reviews to protect us in case we get a bad review.  We’d like feedback on our front office staff, our website, and the scheduling process.

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